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  • The UK Treasury collected over £8 billion from smokers in tobacco duty in the 2009/10 financial year.
  • In the same year, smoking cost the UK economy around £14 billion.
  • That's a £6 billion shortfall in a country where only one out of every four people smoke.
  • The current average weekly wage for a 17 year old is around £139 before tax.
    (Based on a 38-hour week at minimum wage of £3.68 per hour).
  • A 20-a-day smoker spends up to £50 a week on cigarettes.
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A 20-a-day smoker will spend more than £2,000 each year on cigarettes, almost £50 a week.

Ok, so you may be earning - maybe you have a paper–round or Saturday job which pays you around £3.70 per hour, or are on a Modern Apprenticeship paying £2.60 per hour. Either way, earning or not, at around £7 for a premium branded pack of 20, your cash won't go very far after buying cigarettes.

The vast majority of the cost of a pack of cigarettes is Government tax. A pack of 20 premium brand cigarettes currently costs £6.95 of which £5.40 (78%) is Tobacco duty paid to the Treasury (Aug 2011).

In the financial year 2009/10 this amounted to over £8 billion, but it was nowhere near enough to pay for the costs of smoking to the economy.

These costs include providing health care to treat smoking related illness, along with social security payments, dealing with tobacco related crime such as smuggling, not to mention the huge sums lost to industry through loss of productivity and absenteeism.


The cost to the NHS alone of treating smoking related illness is £2.7 billion each year, whilst the overall burden to the UK economy is estimated to be in the region of £14 billion each year.

The above figures have not taken into account the March 2012 budget tax increase of 37p per packet of cigarettes, which for a 20 a day smoker increases their spending by £135 a year, a figure already in the region of £2,000 per year.

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